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GRP Systems

While you might imagine that GRP systems are just for the home or commercial buildings, GRP actually has many other applications. This is because glass-reinforced polyester is a multi-purpose system, making it very versatile with many practical uses.

It can be formed into any shape, meaning it gives all the waterproofing, durability and non-slip properties you’d expect for things like:

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Non-slip roofs

GRP can be enhanced with a top coat to give it non-slip properties, making it ideal for use in areas with high foot traffic. This could include roofs which require frequent access for maintenance contractors, balconies and walkways. Using anti-slip GRP for areas like this will give you peace of mind about the safety of anyone using the areas where the system has been laid.

Speed boats and yachts

GRP (or fibreglass) is popularly used in the building of production-line boats such as speed boats and yachts, because it allows a mould to be used many times over. This makes it a very cost-effective material. Of course, GRP’s other properties such as non-slip coatings, resistance to corrosion, long lifespan and choice of colours also make it ideal for boats.

Water tanks

The waterproof properties of GRP make it an excellent choice for watertanks, as it can be guaranteed to remain completely watertight for 100 years, if not longer. GRP can be used for cold water tanks, drinking waer tanks, sectional water tanks and even tanks that need to be operational at temperatures of below 25 degrees.


Because it is so versatile and easy to mould, GRP is used in many different kinds of building structures. These include acoustic enclosures, security gatehouses, kiosks, modular buildings and portable buildings.

Trailers and trucks

GRP is a popular choice for composite truck and trailer panels across the world. Because standard construction can consist of up to five elements, GRP panels lend themselves well to trucks or trailers where insulation or refrigeration is required. For example, a Styrofoam layer can add insulative properties, while a high-gloss finish on the exterior surfaces of panels can improve the efficiency of refrigeration.

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