Fibreglass Banstead

The sight of traditional bitumen flat roofing in the Banstead area is fast becoming a thing of the past – many Banstead home owners are choosing instead to replace their flat roofs with fibreglass.

Reasons to choose fibreglass

There are many advantages to choosing fibreglass for the roof of your Banstead home, including the following:


A well-laid fibreglass roof will last for at least 30 years before any deterioration or loss of performance occurs.


a fibreglass roof is much less prone to failure or weakness than a traditional felt roof


Banstead fibreglass roofs don’t need to be replaced or repaired all the time – a properly laid fibreglass roof will last for decades


fibreglass has other useful properties – for example you could choose a non-slip finish, making it ideal for balconies, walkways or fire escapes at your Banstead home


fibreglass comes in many different colours and finishes, meaning you should easily be able to choose a fibreglass roof that’s perfect for your Banstead property


fibreglass can save you money because you won’t need to budget for repairs and maintenance of your flat roof

Find a Banstead fibreglass roofer

There are several fibreglass roofers serving customers in the Banstead area. It’s important to find one who is experienced and skilled at laying fibreglass roofing. This is because a key aspect of the success of a fibreglass roof is in the way it is laid. Ask to see examples of your Banstead fibreglass roofer’s previous work if you’re not sure.

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