Fibreglass Farnham

Fibreglass roofing is an increasingly popular option with many Farnham property owners, who want to keep their flat roofs in a better condition for longer. Traditional bitumen flat roofs can be prone to developing all kinds of problems, and often need frequent maintenance, but with a fibreglass flat roof, many of these headaches are taken away.

Advantages of fibreglass

Fibreglass, or GRP, roofing brings many benefits to the Farnham home owner, including the following:


It’s completely seamless

This means it doesn’t have the traditional weak points, such as joins and corners, that you’d find on a bitumen roof


It’s lightweight

A fibreglass roof won’t damage the structural integrity of your property.


It’s durable

If properly laid, a fibreglass roof will keep your Farnham property watertight for decades, with little or no maintenance required.


It’s fire-retardant


It isn’t affected by extreme weather

For example, fibreglass on your Farnham home won’t expand or bubble during the summer, or contract and crack in the winter.


It comes in a choice of colours

Meaning your roof can perfectly match your home


It can have a non-slip finish

Meaning fibreglass is ideal for Farnham balconies and roof walkways too


It can be used on all kinds of buildings

Including challenging shapes and sizes.

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