As more and more home owners and business owners in the Farnham area are taking steps to become more environmentally friendly, so they are realising the green credentials that GRP roofs can deliver.

Any Farnham GRP roofer who uses the Topseal roofing system will be able to tell you that the timber decking comes from certified FSC sources, and because the products are applied without heat, installation is also environmentally neutral. Because the vast majority of Topseal materials are produced in the UK, the carbon footprint is very low. Another way in which a GRP roof is more environmentally friendly is in the fact it will need very little in the way of repairs, maintenance or replacement during its lifetime. This means you probably won’t need to call your Farnham GRP roofer out for a long time, or indeed replace your roof for decades, meaning a much lower carbon footprint.

If you really want to go green, talk to your Farnham GRP roofer about options for seeded roofs, which can grow grass or flower meadows. In addition to looking beautiful, contributing to air quality and providing a habitat for wildlife, these roofs also boast benefits to your building with sound insulation and energy savings.


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