Flat roofs are a very common feature of many homes in Dorking, and can often be seen on extensions, garages, bay windows, dormer roofs, parapet walls, sheds, gulleys, gutters and conservatories. Many home owners worry about having a flat roof, because they will often have areas of weakness around the seams, which can be prone to damage and leakage over time. However, there is now an answer to this problem, as a Glass Reinforced Polyester (GRP) roofing system can provide a much more lightweight and reliable solution for all kinds of flat roofs.

GRP roofing systems can also be suitable for many commercial properties in the Dorking area, particularly for tanking, gutters, lining, gulleys and pipes at any pitch. GRP is such a versatile material that you will even find it used in car bodies, boats, trucks, trailers and water tanks. The versatility of a GRP roof means that it is maintenance-free, and a GRP roofer can refurbish it if you want. A GRP roof can also be extended if you decide to make alterations to your property, and can easily be repaired in the unlikely event that it does suffer damage. In addition to being tough and hard-wearing, many property owners are finding that a GRP roof can be a good replacement for an old lead roof. This can reduce the likelihood of trespassers and vandals, as GRP does not have the intrinsic value that lead does. Lastly, if you’re looking to sell your home, you may find that having a GRP roofing system on your flat roof can make your property easier to sell, as potential buyers won’t need to worry about the ongoing maintenance of the flat roof.

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