Glass Reinforced Polyester (GRP) roofing systems are fast replacing traditional bitumen flat roofs for many home owners in the London area. This is because GRP roofing systems can offer the following advantages:

  • a GRP roof won’t need replacing and repairing all the time – if laid properly, it should last for at least 30 years
  • a GRP roof is more lightweight and far less prone to failure or weakness than a traditional bitumen flat roof
  • a GRP roof can be made non-slip so that you can walk on it – particularly useful it you want to create a balcony, walkway or fire escape on your flat roof
  • a GRP roof can come in a range of colours and finishes, meaning you’re bound to find an option that fits perfectly with the style of your property.

If you’re considering replacing the flat roof covering of your London property with a GRP roof, ensure you only choose a GRP roofer who has extensive experience in this field. They should give you a no-obligation quote and have full insurance to cover any work that they carry out. The work should also be covered by a guarantee. You should also think about the time of year when you want the work to be carried out. A reputable GRP roofer will ensure that your roof has a temporary cover while it is being replaced. However, you may find more peace of mind if you choose to have your new GRP roof installed during good weather.

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