GRP Systems

Not just for homes

While you might imagine that GRP systems are primarily for residential or commercial buildings, GRP actually has many other applications. Glass-reinforced polyester is a versatile material with a wide range of practical uses beyond roofing.


GRP can be formed into any shape, making it suitable for various applications where waterproofing, durability, and non-slip properties are essential. Some examples include:


Industrial settings:

GRP is commonly used in industrial environments for its resilience and resistance to chemicals, making it ideal for flooring, walkways, and platforms.


Marine industry:

GRP’s resistance to corrosion and seawater makes it a popular choice for boat hulls, decks, and other marine structures.


GRP is used in vehicle components such as body panels, fairings, and interior trim due to its lightweight yet strong properties.

Leisure facilities:

GRP is often used in swimming pool linings, water slides, and playground equipment for its durability and resistance to water and weathering.
At Smartseal, we recognise the versatility of GRP and offer a range of solutions beyond traditional roofing applications. From industrial flooring to marine structures, our GRP systems provide reliable performance and durability across various industries and environments.

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