Many people looking to buy a home or extend their existing house in the Kingswood area are put off flat roofs by the thought that they will be leaky or time-consuming to maintain. Certainly, traditional flat roofs have a deserved reputation for needing frequent repairs, which can be very costly. However, GRP roofing may be the answer that people in Kingswood are looking for.

A roofing system made of glass reinforced plastic (GRP) can make problems of leaks and maintenance a thing of the past. This is because the seamless and durable nature of GRP means it’s more reliable and cost-effective than a traditional bitumen flat roof. Ask your local Kingswood GRP roofer to find out more about the many benefits it can bring.

Your GRP roofer will no doubt tell you that a GRP roof will last for at least 30 years without any noticeable deterioration, but it could actually last for 100 years! This long life is thanks to the seamless nature of a GRP roof, which means it doesn’t have the same weak points at joins and corners as a traditional bitumen roof. GRP is also much more durable when exposed to the elements – it won’t bubble and melt in hot weather, or crack when it gets cold in the winter. With so many benefits, it’s not difficult to see why so many Kingswood home owners are turning to local GRP roofers to solve their flat roof problems.

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