GRP roofing is an increasingly popular choice for a wide range of applications in Leatherhead properties. Here are just some of the applications of GRP you might want to consider when choosing a GRP roofer:

Domestic flat roofs

GRP has the versatility and appearance to look fantastic in a range of domestic applications, including extensions, garages, dormer roofs, parapet walls, gulleys, gutters, conservatories, orangeries and many more. Ask your Leatherhead GRP roofer for more information.

Commercial and industrial roofing

Whether it’s a large-scale specialist project or walls, walkways or casements, a GRP roofer can provide the perfect solution for your industrial or commercial building in Leatherhead, even for the trickiest specifications.

Simulated lead or copper

GRP is often used as a long-lasting replacement or alternative for lead or copper for roofs, gutter linings and architectural detail. It can even be used for listed buildings. Just ask your Leatherhead roofer for more details about the uses of GRP.

Balconies, walkways and stairs

A Leatherhead GRP roofer can provide the extra level of performance and waterproof protection you need for balconies, walkways and stairs. Balustrade supports, tiles or decking can also be easily incorporated into the system.

Green roofs

GRP can be used to create green roofs, which can support grass or wildflowers growing on top. As well as creating natural beauty, this can add sound insulation and deliver energy savings for your Leatherhead property.

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